Riding horses with my brother💭


On Friday me and my brother Nicholas went horse riding around Mataram it was really fun until dun dun dun disaster struck I fell of the horse because it got spoked by a little clapping I don’t know why he was clapping but he’s was and the horse went on his to back legs and I slipped off my brother couldn’t stop laughing i suppose it was funny because I was laughing to but I was pretty mad at the little kid but I just told him to not clap around the horses or this will happen. My brother help me get back on the horse and we kept riding around for a little while by the way my brother younger then me by a year because he’s 14 and I’m 15 but yeah.😊😂


Kind Deed


This was I think 2 years ago but I still help her out now Well my kind deed was when I helped my nan out when she had her knee operation because it was hard for her to walk around and do all the house work so I helped her she was in pain so I did my best to help her with everything

My second kind deed was last week when my fell off the roof and hurt her back it was kind of hard for her to walk and it would have been harder to do the house work so I helped her.

Watching TV program’s rated higher then you age level


Do I think that watching TV program’s that’s over my age limit is good for me we’ll first of all no because there might be something that you shouldn’t see on that program and second of all yes because some of the program’s are good for your learning and third of all I don’t know but I reckon there not good at times and good at other times but I’m not really sure.



I think that whoever killed him wanted revenge on something that he did or something like that and who ever did it wasn’t very happy with the victim. But why did the killer kill him why is the question will this person ever get caught I don’t know.



Fire is really dangerous and really hot it wouldn’t be a good idea to touch it unless you want to get burnt but I assume you don’t because you might have to go to hospital. there’s lots of kinds of fires like house fires, bomb fires, big fires, small fires, little fires to cook marshmallows on its good not to go to close to them because they will burn you.



I go red when I’m mad or when I’m nervous or embarrassed. Reds not really my colour so I’m not really a fan of red but yeah red red red red is there anything to say about the colour red there lots of red things to talk about I just really don’t know what.

How to improve my reading!


I could improve my reading by slowing down an reading it so that I know what it means I could also take my time while I’m reading and not go so fast so that I don’t even understand what I’m reading I think I need to read a lot more as well because reading helps you learn more.

I like reading sometimes when I have nothing to do and when I lay on our trampoline I just read read read until I get tired of reading and want to do something else. I think that’s a good way to Improve my reading.